B.G. Fuzz Kit

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You may not have heard of the Roland AF-60 Bee Gee pedal before, but you should know it. It's an awesome fuzz. Nice and wooly, long sustain, incredibly articulate, with just a little gate on the pick attack and the perfect amount of nasty. No fuzz knob either. Just use your guitar's volume to control the amount of fuzz. This is what fuzz should sound like, and we've recreated it with the B.G. Fuzz. We even located an NOS stockpile of the exact same Toshiba TA7504M metal can op amps and 2SC1000 transistors to make sure the B.G. Fuzz kit has every bit as much mojo as the original.

This circuit is very simple too, so it's a nice easy beginner's project. For some simple modifications, try a set of 1N60 Germanium diodes for a creamier more gated fuzz or a set of red LEDs for a ruder, nastier fuzz.


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